Apex Roster Departure – Sept 22

Posted by Admin October 3, 2022 in NewsTeam Vexed

Today we announce the departure of our Apex Legends roster.

At the start of the Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Pro League the roster showed promise and an impressive level of talent, lead by IGL Josef “B4mbino” Nedorost they managed to stay consistent with the Playoffs in reach until the final day, where a few unfortunate games saw the Playoffs slip from sight.

Outside of Pro League the roster saw some success in third party tournaments and took part in ICE365 2022 at ExCeL London, showing the Gaming industry how the gap can be bridged between itself and Esports.

We would like to thank Adam “muhhn” Mooney, Josef “B4mbino” Nedorost, Daniel “jelliedcorn” Piechota and Andrea “Colo” Colombo for all their hard work and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

“This roster has been a pleasure to work with, has been amazing to see them grow as individuals. I would like to wish B4mbino, Muhhn, Jellied and Colo the best in the future, and hope they have enjoyed their time at Vexed as much as we have enjoyed having them.” – Dan O’Hare, Head of Esports & Talent.

But we’re not done with Apex! Vexed are committed to Year 3 of ALGS and you can expect to see us taking part in the upcoming ALGS season. #ComingSoon

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