ASTRO Gaming Sponsor Vexed Gaming Halo

Posted by Admin March 22, 2022 in Uncategorized

We are HYPED to announce our partnership with ASTRO Gaming. ASTRO Gaming is part of the multi-brand Company, Logitech and will be joining us to support our newly acquired and announced Halo HCS Team and console division.

ASTRO Gaming have been producing professional-grade video gaming equipment for 11 years and you can check out their line of products HERE. ASTRO will be supporting Vexed Gaming’s Halo team through their journey through the Halo Championship Series and helping them perform to their full potential.

The Vexed Gaming Halo team will make their first official HCS appearance under the Vexed Gaming banner on 25th March at 3pm GMT as they take on the Halo Championship Series 2022: European Super head on looking to carry on their impressive performances across EU.

To keep in the know about Vexed Gaming, be sure to follow the action on Twitter, our new Vexed Live Twitter for Live Esports Updates and on Instagram.