Atlas Reactor Showmatch

Posted by Admin December 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

On the 9th of december our atlas reactor team played a showmatch vs The Atlas Reactor Dev team to showcase the new Gamemode within atlas reactor.

Extraction is played on the same maps as normal deathmatch. A briefcase is added in the middle of the map at the start of the game. This briefcase can be picked up by any character just like normal pickups, and it follows the same rules for clash in case multiple freelancers try to pick it up at the same time. The case gives points and must be extracted at the end to win the game. Besides the obvious difference in objectives, the respawn timer for dying is also reduced to just 1 turn. When a freelancer dies they can pick their respawn point just like in regular deathmatch, but they can also begin to input their move, unlike normal deathmatch were the player has to wait another turn until they can input their movement.

The goal of the game is to get a score of atleast 10, and then getting the briefcase to a specific extraction area on the map. Score is gained by killing hostile freelancers and by holding the briefcase at the end of the turn. Killing an enemy freelancer awards 2 score, while holding the briefcase at the end of the turn awards 1 score. A team will see the extraction area once they reach a score of atleast 10. When a freelancer of a team with a score of atleast 10 holds the briefcase and ends his turn within the extraction area the game is won.

Fortunately after a rough early game, Vexed Remain dominant and defeat the Atlas Reactor Dev team at their own game! Check out the Game below which was live streamed via our Partners at Twitch!