Boomsday Ladder Guide : Death Rattle Hunter

Posted by Admin September 5, 2018 in GuidesVexed Hearthstone

The Boomsay Project is in full swing and now that the initial metagame has mostly been figured out we have several major archetypes available from across all nine of the classes! While I hope to delve more in depth into these decks over the coming few weeks, today I would like to show off a deck I recently managed to enter the Top 100 on the European server with: Death rattle Hunter!


Deck Code:  AAECAYoWBvgIhtMCnOICtuoCy+wCgPMCDI0BlwjtCavCAtjCApvLApzNAtPNAovhAuHjArn4AuL4AgA=


Unlike the Dead Man’s Hand Warrior deck we showcased before the expansion, this Hunter deck has a much more linear path to victory.

The early stages of the game are generally where this deck tends to struggle the most, due to a lack of minions that cost 3 or less besides the Prince Keleseth who is used to buff up all the minions within your deck, the Devilsaur Egg being your priority, and the main card you want to find by Turn 3. On Turn 3 you’ll then want to drop down the Egg and using either Play Dead or Terrorscale Stalker you can then repeatedly trigger the Deathrattle for the Devilsaur Egg and summon a horde of 5/5 Devilsaurs to mow down your opponent.

In the later stages of the game you’ll then continue to apply pressure using mid-sized minions with extremely powerful Deathrattle effects to constantly put pressure on your opponent, while advancing your own board state further. The combination of Carnivorous Cube with any minion and either Play Dead or Terrorscale Stalker can oftentimes be too much for your opponent to handle if you time it well enough. In addition since you run the Deathstalker Rexxar, you also have a fallback plan of being able to generate Zombeasts using his Hero Power which can grind out many different control decks that only have so many resources to use during a game.


Other inclusions to the list are:

Candleshot & Hunter’s Mark; which in tandem give you the ability to remove any threat and individually allow you to remove low health aggressive minions that aggressive decks such as Zoo Warlock tend to throw out against you during the early turns of the game. Candleshot also allows you to deal chip damage to allow value trades to happen a lot more efficiently as the game goes on.

Tracking; Which allows you to find specific cards you need for certain matchups while trimming your deck of resources that you don’t need. It also gives you a viable play on the first turn which this deck sorely lacks, especially against aggression.

Stitched Tracker; Like Deathstalker Rexxar allows you to find additional resources or specific cards to carry you through the game. Oftentimes against aggressive decks you’ll need to find either Saronite Chain Gang or Giggling Inventor, and the tracker gives you two additional outs to find them in time. In addition due to the new balance changes, Stitched Tracker also gets to apply the buff used with Prince Keleseth to these copies you find from your deck which makes pickups like Saronite Chain Gang a lot more valuable. Creating two ¾ minions instead of two ⅔ minions as one example.

Houndmaster Shaw; allows your Deathrattle minions even more potential value by being able to rush the turn they enter play while he is on the board. If you have a spare Carnivorous Cube on the board with minions inside the cube, you can trade off the cube to get rid of it and immediately be able to attack with the minions you summon, thus allowing you to get control of the board much easier. It being a 3/6 body for 4 mana also makes it very difficult to remove through conventional methods, allowing you to stack this benefit across multiple turns.

Saronite Chain Gang; As mentioned earlier with Stitched Tracker is a nice defensive tool vs aggressive decks while also creating multiple bodies on the board that can put on pressure against combo decks looking to end the game after a certain amount of time such as Topsy Turvy Priest or Quest Rogue. It being able to receive buffs with Prince Keleseth twice (Due to the copy also receiving the buff) also gives you an edge over other potential four drop options such as Wing Blast or Flanking Strike seen in other builds of this deck.

Giggling Inventor & Spider Bomb; One of the biggest standout cards of The Boomsday Project would without a doubt be Giggling Inventor. This annoying gnome is seeing play in almost every kind of archetype in the deck, even the combo decks like Quest Rogue. Being able to put up two Annoy-o-Trons onto the board as a defensive mechanism on five or allowing you to secure your aggressive board position are both extremely powerful. Expect to see this card a lot as the expansion progresses, as well as decks running counters to it to ensure they are able to still push damage through such as Blood Knight.

Spider Bomb being a magnetic minion allows you to be able to attach it to one of the annoy-o-trons that Giggling Inventor generates, allowing you to be able to trade into an opposing board more easily. On top of that since it has a Deathrattle effect you are able to use it along with Play Dead and Terrorscale Stalker to be able to clear massive minions such as Mountain Giant or the Lich King. Even on it’s own you can use cards like Houndmaster Shaw to rush it into one of your opponent’s weaker minions and then its deathrattle would then immediately destroy one of their other ones at random.

Mossy Horror; Is the final tech inclusion of the deck, and like Blood Knight before him is the counter used to deal with the aforementioned Giggling Inventor. Aside from that niche use however it can also clear several minions against aggressive lists, Spreading Plague from the Druids on the ladder and perhaps most importantly it can act as another way of enabling the Deathrattles of your own Devilsaur Eggs which allows you to put on pressure even after you have used your Deathrattle synergy cards on eggs or other minions.


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