CSGO Aiming Tips from Roombang

Posted by Admin September 11, 2017 in GuidesTeam VexedVexed CSGO

Hey there, I’m Roombang, IGL of Vexed’s French CSGO squad. Here is a small article on how to improve your aim. I know there are already tons of it and also youtube videos out there and that there is no special recipe.

However, here are some useful things that some pro players do to improve it.

First off we will discuss aiming! First you will need professional quality peripherals to ensure you are as accurate as possible, I would strongly recommend the HyperX Pulse fire mouse for its optical precision and comfort. Next I would advise practicing every day on maps such as aim_botz or the likes of it and deathmatch. Both would help for aiming and crosshair placement. The aim_botz challenge is a simple way to see your improvement because you can compare your score with what pros usually manage as well as your previous scores

Now on to the recoil control part! the trick is to understand every pattern of every weapon and there are maps like “Recoil Master – Spray training” that help you visualize how every patterns work. You should try to spray again and again (like on a wall) to always have your bullets hitting the same spot and know where and when during the spray you should move your mouse. I would also recommend watching frag movies (or demos if you’re going hard) and twitch highlights of pro players so you can properly see how their crosshair placement is during a spray. Even though it’s not 100% precise due to tick rate of demos, it gives you an idea of how they do.

Last but not least, PREAIMING! I would strongly recommend knowing angles of every map so you know precisely where to pre-aim before strafing, if your crosshair placement is good enough and you know where your enemy should be, then you have a small advantage when peeking because of that pre-aim.