CSGO ROSTER 2020/2021

Posted by Admin August 31, 2020 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

After a handful of months absent from Counter-strike, today we announce our return.

It is no secret that Counter-strike is a title close to our hearts, after some time away to assess upcoming talent, coupled with our passion to continue to help develop UK talent, we are excited to return to the scene with a new roster.

We’ve had some fantastic Counter-strike rosters over the years with some of our former members such as Adam9130, Mezii and Ash going on to GamersLegion to continue their Counter-strike careers, and others finding success in other titles, with L1NK and EC1S joining Team Liquid’s Valorant roster.

Please welcome the Vexed Gaming CSGO roster for 2020/21:

  • dox
  • shyyne
  • leaf
  • volt
  • shateri
  • Wilksyy (Coach)
  • King D (Team Manager)

“We’re excited to have some fresh blood within Vexed Gaming again with this new development roster. The players are young and eager to prove themselves, We have alot to work to do and the road will be a long one, however I feel we have a strong core of new talent which I can can see feeding into the European Scene with our help.” – Mark Weller, Chief Gaming Officer.

“We are proud to be joining Vexed, we are looking forward to proving ourselves and showing what we are able to do as a team within the UK/EU. After finishing 2nd in ESEA Main last season we are aiming to do well within ESEA Advanced and ESL UK Premiership this season” – Ryan ‘Dox’ Young

The team have had a convincing run in ESEA Main last season finishing second place and securing an ESEA Advanced promotion aswell as securing a slot in the ESL UK Premiership and we’re excited to have them on board and help them achieve their goals as professional players. The new roster will kick off their ESEA season under the Vexed Gaming banner tomorrow!