Dispa post game interview

Posted by Admin January 15, 2021 in Vexed R6S

After a convicing victory over London Esports in the Rainbow Six Siege UK National League yesterday (14th january 2021) We caught up with Coach ‘Dispa’ from our R6S division to get his thoughts heading into the 2021 season.

With the first game over, overall how do you think the season is going to go and where do you think the team will place?

We definitely started the season off on the right foot, and showed that we are a team that is not to be underestimated. This was a rematch of our Ukin 2 playoffs and we will continue to see a lot of familiar faces over the season. This gives me a lot of confidence knowing how we performed last season. If we manage to keep this performance up I could definitely see us contesting the top 4.

How was the performance in todays game, any highlights that stick out to you?

As I said we are already familiar with the London (ex-flight) roster so we decided to focus on ourselves. This worked out quite well for us looking at the result and if I had to highlight anything it would definitely be our consistency throughout our results against the London roster. This is the third time we play them and it is always a joy to face these guys.

Are there any teams you feel you need to keep a particular eye on?

The obvious names would be NaVi, MnM and Cowana but I’d add demise to the list. They’ve proven their skill today and I can’t wait to face them in a rematch of our game against them in Ukin 2.

How have things been since joining the team as a coach?

Amazing. The roster brings a unique mix of young talent and experience veterans which makes it a joy to work with them. We are making great progress both inside and outside the game, We have a fantastic support team here at Vexed (Gaming) and are confident going into our next matches.

You can catch the team taking on Natus Vincere in the Rainbow Six Siege UK national League on January 21st at 8pm only, on twitch.