Vexed Enter the FGC with Guilty Gear Strive

Posted by Admin May 5, 2022 in News

Today we announce our entry into the world of fighting games and who better to accompany us on that journey than Callum “Mystic” White.

Mystic is a well known UK powerhouse in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- along with other titles such as Street Fighter V. Being a dominant player within the UK scene and showing his capabilities of competing at both national and international levels at various offline events over the years and racking up some impressive results along the way, such as back to back wins at LEVO & being the current reigning champion of “Revolution 20XX -Xtend-”, we couldn’t see a better fit.

“It’s with great honor to announce that I am signing with Vexed Gaming and pioneering their journey into the Fighting Game Community. I have major respect for the organization and staff and know that they are invested, just as much as myself, into this community. I can’t wait to be representing Vexed both within the EMEA region and internationally!” – Callum “Mystic” White

“I am excited to start this new venture with Callum at the side of Vexed Gaming, the fighting game community as a whole truly is unique and we are looking forward to getting stuck in! Callum has shown some serious heart and passion in the lead up to this announcement and I can’t wait to see what he can achieve in the coming months.” – Dan O’Hare, Head of Esports & Talent

Mystic will be making his debut under the Vexed Gaming banner this coming Saturday, 7th May as he takes on “Capcom Pro Tour 2022 – UK / Ireland” in Street Fighter V.

To keep in the know about Vexed Gaming & Mystic, be sure to follow the action on Twitter, our new Vexed Live Twitter and on Instagram.