ESL NA Atlas Reactor November Champions

Posted by Admin November 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

November has been a great month for our Atlas Reactor team!

For now, we are the ESL NA ATLAS REACTOR Champions!

The first week of ESL Go4Atlas Reactor NA Cup, the team won 4 games in a row, beating one of the best teams of the scene in the finals. Unfortunately, our team made some mistakes the second week in Go4Atlas Reactor NA Cup #2, and because the games are best of one, they unfortunately dropped out at the quarter-finals but still managed to be the team with second most points in North America, guaranteeing a place in November Finals.

Some early trouble with connections issues made our team almost fall short the very 1st game of Go4Atlas Reactor NA November Finals, but they managed to make a fortunate comeback and clinch 2 kills for the win in the last turn. Connection issues out of the way, the team went on to play 2 incredibly solid games and won the finals against Team 360 No Scope with a 4-0 killscore.

For now, we are the ESL NA Champions!