Esports just got extreme

Posted by Admin June 27, 2020 in News

Here at Vexed Gaming we are always looking for unique partnerships and we’re proud to welcome junior world scooter championship James Gellatly to our influencer roster. We see the potential that James brings to Vexed and allows us to work with his audience of over 70,000 young, engaged scooter fans who are also gamers. We look forward to showing them the world of esports.

“I’m excited to work with Vexed and produce some great content together. I love gaming and it’s what I spend my spare time doing when I’m not training or competing! Plus I think you’ll be surprised at just how good of a shot I am in-game!” – James Gellatly.

Vexed is the home of winners and it makes sense to tie in with a world champion who shows no signs of slowing. We believe esports and extreme sports have a synergy that’s not been tapped into before and we look forward to showcasing some unique content and brand activations to take our offering to the next level.

“As gaming and esports grows there is always new audiences to tap into. Extreme sports is a scene I’ve known well over the years and have always believed it’s the perfect hybrid of young engaged fans and exciting moments. I look forward to getting to work with James and showing our partner brands and fans some new and unique content that will excite them.” – Steven James, Vexed Gaming Marketing Manager.