Goodbye and Thank-you Devoduvek

Posted by Admin February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today we have some bittersweet news to announce and say goodbye a valued Vexed family member.

Vexed Gaming and Team EnvyUs have come to an agreement that will unfortunately see David ‘Devoduvek’Dobrosavljevic leaving the team and will be transferred to the new line up
of which Flikshot and HLTV had reported last week.

We were contacted by Jordan ‘NeXT’Savelli of Team EnVyUs on Thursday afternoon whilst traveling to Helsinki, Finland for Winter Assembly CSGO pro tournament regarding
a possibility of a buy of Devoduveks contract from Vexed Gaming, our CSGO manager Biggy had notified us that David had talked with the team and wished to
pursue this opportunity with the new line up.

Negotiations were then carried out with the upmost professionalism by both parties and an agreement was made.

“This is a great opportunity for David’s career development, he has been a valued member of our CSGO division for some time and we will be sad to see him go. We wish him the very
best within his career and look forward to seeing him progress” – Mark ‘Princess’ Weller