Halo Roster Departure – Oct 22

Posted by Admin October 31, 2022 in Vexed Halo

Today we announce our departure from competitive Halo: Infinite, with the current Halo competitive landscape not looking as strong as we would like it to be, we have come to the very hard decision to leave the space.

Halo was a huge part of our goals going into Infinite, however after seeing the direction 343 Industries have chosen to take, we can’t see any value in continuing down this path and have little faith in the growth of the title, particularly in the EU region.

“I feel very fortunate for my time at Vexed, having met so many great like minded people here, I’m glad to have called it my home. My only wish is that we could have achieved more under the Organization – I have no doubt Vexed will achieve great things and I can not wait to bear witness to this from the sidelines.” – Josh “Squashy” Greener, Vexed Halo

“Although the roster has seen a bumpy road over its time with Vexed with roster swaps and personal goals not quite being met, I have truly enjoyed working with the roster and they are a fantastic group of people, both personally and on behalf of Vexed, I’d like to wish them the best of luck going forward whether that be in Esports or any other walk of life.” – Dan O’Hare, Chief Gaming Officer

We would like to take this chance to give Europa Halo and Dreamhack a special shout out for doing their best to drive EU Halo forward and their continued pushing of EU talent, it was a genuine pleasure being part of your journey and we wish you the best in the future as you continue to shape the EU Halo scene.

Vexed Gaming confirm the departure of:


We’d love to say we’ll be back Spartan’s, but time will tell.

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