Harris Moved to Substitute position

Posted by Admin June 3, 2020 in Team VexedVexed Rainbow Six

Today we announce a change within our Rainbow Six Roster.

Long-standing teammate ‘Harris’ has unfortunately had some personal issues as of late effecting his in-game performance. The team have felt this over the course of the ACS, which the team have been participating in to prepare for the upcoming season. Today Coach ‘ProphetKing’ along with Chief Gaming Officer, Mark Weller has made the decision to remove Harris from the core starting line up, he will be staying with Vexed for the upcoming season in a substitute position.

With the change we’re hoping Harris can resolve some of the issue’s he is currently facing and we’re glad that he is still part of the team, all be it in a reserve slot. We know that UK nationals will be starting up soon, but we have complete faith in ourselves and our abilities to succeed to reach the Challenger League. – ProphetKing (Coach)

Vexed are currently trialing a number of players but would like to offer open trials for anyone who may be interested.
If you are interested, eligible to compete within the UK and 18 years old or older, please contact Coach ProphetKing on twitter https://twitter.com/ProphetKingr6