Hearthstone Championship tour report + tips

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Hello Vexed Gaming fans! RDee here with yet another top 4 finish in a ESGA tournament.

Today we will talk about what the Hearthstone Prelims is and how YOU can get there!
So every season of the year Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, Blizzard hosts a Championship tournament for that season. The Championship tournament has room for 64 players that qualify with points and 8 players that qualify through Tavern Heroes.

If you qualify for this tournament it would make you one of the top 72 players in all of Europe, with a chance to win big amounts of money and free trips to even bigger tournaments!
Here is two different paths you could make it into the Championship!

Path 1: The Grind – The goal here is to every month win a “Point” tournament, this will reward you with 5 HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour points) points. You can only collect at max 5 HCT points from a tournament per month. This will land you at 15 HCT points, usually the bar to get into prelims is set at 23-25 points.

This means the grind doesn’t stop at Point tournaments, we also need to get at least 2x top 100 legend finishes every season. Instead of listing every legend ranking + how many points they will give you I’ll show you a picture of it!

Hearthstone Championship tour report + tips - table
Here comes the “sucky” part if you are not a grinder..Every season your points will reset and you will have to start over. People making it to prelims will find themselves with 2-6 points head start next season tho as a reward for getting to prelims and how highly they placed.

Path 2: Becoming a Tavern Hero – If you played HS and followed a little bit of the scene I am sure you have heard the word “Tavern Hero”. This is the second way to qualify for prelims, every season countries can host Tavern Hero tournaments. If you win a Tavern Hero tournament you will get to play in another Tavern Hero tournaments vs other Tavern Hero people across Europe, pretty neat! If you end up in top 8 of this tournament then you qualify to prelims without having to gather ANY points.

So now that we got that settled! This month, the month of May is the start of Summer Prelims, if you ever wanted to get into the scene and qualify to prelims then this is the perfect time to start as point reset just hit!

Yesterday I played in a HCT point tournament organised by ESGA, we ended up in top 4 but we lost 2-3 and did not make the finals.

These tournaments usually follow the same rules, you play a b05 (First to 3) Conquest mode (Have to win once with every class you bring) with 1x ban (Bring 4 decks). A few tournaments still don’t use the 1x ban system, but it’s rather rare to see!

As we talked about before, it’s important to create a lineup for tournaments and to use your ban correctly, to get a higher win percentage vs specific classes to counter them.

We could bring a full control lineup and ban Rogue as they eat us alive, then we are good vs a lot of other stuff. Or we can bring a full aggro lineup and not ban Rogue, that way if they have a Rogue in their lineup we have a good shot at 3-0in that class and winning the series.

To end this article I will post my top 4 ESGA lineup and hopefully it can give you the readers some inspiration for tournament decks!

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Hearthstone Championship tour report + tips - deck