Intel Report: HCS Finals – Dreamhack Atlanta

Posted by Admin July 6, 2017 in Intel Report

Heading into Dreamhack Atlanta, the Vexed Halo team are excited for next month with the start of the HCS finals.

we hope to see a great weekend of amazing Halo played. To keep this report short I will be including the top 4 teams for both Europe and North America as these teams.


At the top of the current standings, Team Infused stand strong with a winning streak of 5, showing the sheer skill and amazing performance put on by Infused. With their recent results being self-explanatory, there has been no team that has proven yet as a challenge for Team Infused, they have managed to win 4-0 against Excel and 4-2 against Invictus currently being king of the hill for the European side of Halo and shutting down Invictus’ win streak.

In second standing, Invictus stands steady, although losing their win streak of 3 towards the start – they only have 1 loss and have won their recent game against Team Supremacy with a score of 4:0. But have lost their second most recent game against Team Infused, facilitating Infused’s win streak. Their main threat remains as the top team of the EU, Team Infused, can Invictus get their revenge against Infused?.

In third place of standing, the French team, Team Supremacy currently standing with 3 wins and 2 loses seems to have stood strong against the lower standing teams like Divine Domination but they were not able to defeat either of the top 2 standing teams: Team Infused and Invictus showing that they may have a lesser of chance of progressing as Invictus and Team Infused both have a strong position in the league, but there can always be surprises so watch out for this team.

In 4th place of standings, Vexed stand with 2 wins and 3 losses, managing to win against Divine Domination and Excel with very strong performances during the first half of the season going 2 wins 0 losses but then losing against the top 3 teams after getting a draft that didnt work in the vexed’s favour. The team have put in the time and dedication for Dreamhack Atlanta and are looking for a strong performance (21-23 July).


At the top of the standings, with a really strong position on the NA ladder, Optic Gaming are on a current win streak of 6 and only one loss, being against Team Liquid in their first match. Optic Gaming have whitewashed their opponents with a score of 3-0 in 5 matches showing just how much talent and skill they possess and just how much of a threat they are to all of the teams currently in the ladder, both EU and NA.

In second place of standings, Splyce has a very strong foothold in the league with 6 wins and only 1 loss, the loss being against Optic Gaming. In terms of statistics compared with Optic Gaming, they are in the same position with a 86% win rate, they are going hand to hand in the ladder as of now but can Splyce be able to gain top place?, which is certainly possible as they have defeated the only team that has defeated Optic, being Team Liquid, so they still have a strong chance and will be definitely one of the teams to look out for at Dreamhack Atlanta.

In third place of standings, Team Liquid stand with 5 wins and 2 losses being not too bad compared to the top two teams, they also have a chance to take down Optic Gaming from first place as they have beaten them before. Their two losses have been to Splyce and Luminosity Gaming, Luminosity not being much of a threat to most of the contenders, currently residing in the 6th place of the ladder and having a win ratio of 43% but by showing they can beat a higher standing team it may indicate that they have a chance to rise through the ladders. Team Liquid’s position is one of the strongest placings in the top 4, Liquid have got something to prove and there is still time to progress through the ladders, so watch out for these guys too.

In the 4th place of standings, Team EnvyUs stands with 4 wins and 3 losses. The 3 losses they have are all against the top 3 teams indicating that they are not proving much of threat to the top 3 teams and may struggle to progress further up the ladder, as they have not gained any wins against the top 3 teams. However, the match against Optic was fairly close with a 2-3 score so EnvyUs still may have a chance as they were really close to beating Optic, and they need to if they want to solidify their place as one of the top 4 teams.

The Dreamhack Atlanta event is just around the corner, this will be a great event for all the teams attending to prove themselves and further solidify their positions in the ladders, Vexed are looking to show a strong performance at Dreamhack Atlanta and look forward to facing some of the biggest teams in the world at this prestigious event.