Interview with kingHaS ahead of Redbull Homeground

Posted by Admin October 15, 2021 in Team Vexed

Ahead of the Redbull Home Ground qualifer coming up next week, We caught up with Captain of the Vexed Gaming Valorant Division ‘KingHas’ to get his thoughts on the up coming event and catch up with the teams progress.

What were your thoughts when hearing Red Bull were hosting Home Ground?
We in the team were ecstatic to hear that Red Bull were hosting the 2nd iteration of their home ground event, this is because the first event of this kind run by red bull was incredibly well run with a collection of incredible teams battling for the championship. Hopefully us here at Vexed will be able to right the wrongs of our VCT closed qualifier run as there are some familiar faces we’d love to take on once again.

What are your expectations as a team going into the Red Bull Home Ground Open Qualifier as a team and personally?
The obvious answer is to win and qualify however I believe its deeper than that as theres a lot of very strong competition in this prestigious qualifier. Personally I would love to display what we’re capable of, and show that we, as a team are strong enough to overcome adversity and take the fight to these household names in the Valorant scene (NiP, One Breath Gaming & Wave Esports to name a few)

The format (Swiss) is quite different to the majority of the qualifiers in the scene – what are your thoughts on this?
Personally I love the Swiss system format as I believe due to the vast quantity of games there is a healthy balance of upset potential and fairness with regards to finding who the true best teams within the system are.

How have you and the team been preparing for the upcoming qualifiers?
Recently we’ve adjusted our practice schedule and methods as a couple of our players have got education commitments. We’ve done this by aiming to be more efficient with our time and more eager to engage in discussion regarding strategy & macro within the team. This has been a welcome change as I believe its important for players to not sit on the same routine for long periods of time as that can lead to fatigue and even burnout.

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