Lanza Bonanza clip submission wildcard event!

Posted by Admin December 23, 2021 in Uncategorized

Happy Holidays!

On the 29th December our Destiny 2 legend Lanza will be hosting the Lanza Bonanza – powered by Reign PC Gaming & Vexed Gaming. A closed tournament putting 8 teams up against each other in a round robin format, with the final 2 teams clashing in the best of 3 grand final to see who takes home their share of $1,000.

Captain’s are picked and they are to make teams from their streaming communities, except for one! There is a wildcard slot available, so if you consider yourself a Lanza fan and want to captain your own team for the event, submit your own clips on the tweet below and we’ll get Lanza to pick his favorite, who will be able to form their own team from the community for the tournament. Good luck guardians!

Base Rules:
No duplicate subclass/no stasis
No sniper mods / No double mods
No duplicate exotics
Extended rules to be added to event discord
No intentionally suiciding
No cheating/stream sniping (hopefully goes without saying)

To keep up to date with the Lanza Bonanza, be sure to follow the action on Twitter and on Instagram.