Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Review & Giveaway

Posted by Admin May 9, 2019 in CompetitionsReviews

When the G502 Hero released, with Logitech’s new wireless optimised HERO sensor, I knew it was only a matter of time until a wireless variant of the G502 released. That brings us to today, where my daily driver is now the G502 Lightspeed Wireless mouse! I thought it would only be fair to put down my initial thoughts and give you a chance to win one yourself!

My Thoughts:

The day I received my unit, I actually sustained an injury rendering my mouse arm unable to bend, which allowed me to perfectly highlight the primary reason to use this mouse; the ability to have a flawless gaming experience with no cable clutter. I was able to use this mouse at the angle my elbow was locked at without having to worry about cables getting caught on my keyboard. Infact, going from a wired mouse to a wireless one, I was periodically having to double check my mouse was still there because I could no longer see a wire draping across my desk. One of the biggest concerns people have is the myth that wireless is slower than wired mice, but with Logitech’s new HERO sensor, the G502 Lightspeed Wireless is as fast, if not faster and more precise than wired mice in some cases,  And practically it shows, going from a wired mouse to a wireless I saw no change in performance how ever I saw a huge improvement in my aim, with no wires catching or dragging I felt more accurate than ever before. As for battery life, out of the box it has lasted 4 days of moderate use over the weekend, due to the advanced power management used by the HERO sensor.

The G502 Wireless comes with 11 programmable buttons with the even the mouse wheel tilting left and right allowing for extra programmable inputs. When compared to the its wired predecessor you will notice some very small changes for example the DPI selector on the G502 Hero now displays the battery level on the left of the mouse. Below the lights on the left of the mouse 3 buttons can be found, Forward and backwards buttons but also a ‘Sniper’ Button which will decrease the mice’s DPI which DrSodium found really useful when handling the kraber for long distance shots in Apex Legends.

Overall this mouse brings the solid G502 experience that we’ve loved for years whilst cutting the cord and elevating the experience to the next level.

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