Logitech G533 Wireless Review

Posted by Admin April 27, 2018 in Reviews

The Logitech G533 Wireless headset, is one of our new found favoured headsets here at Vexed. With it’s sleek look, lightweight durable plastic casing weighing in at 350g; and handy features to make any gaming experience sound great.

The setup of this headset couldn’t be simpler, with a single USB dongle to connect the headset to your pc, a wireless range of up to 15m and a battery life of 15 hours once fully charged with the micro USB lead (included). It would be worth noting that this headset is for PC/console use only, which can sometimes sway a decision. However, if you’re sole purpose for a headset is for use with your rig or console, this headset couldn’t be better.

The G533 has firm foam padded earcups, which provides comfort as well as preventing heat and sweat build up that sometimes can occur when you’re playing for a while. A sleek plastic design, with a set of controls located on the left earcup. I found being able to adjust the volume, to be achieved with ease. Whilst there is also a mute microphone button, this can be seen sometimes as maybe redundant due to other handy features this headset provides. The 7.1 surround sound the G533 offers has incredible recreation of directional sounds within any game we tried, Making those tense, clutch moments much easier to deal with.

The noise cancelling microphone sounds fantastic, and as mentioned before, there is a mute button on the left earcup – But simply putting the mic up will do the same trick. Notifying you with a simple tone once the setting has been changed. I found the microphone is also extendable, whilst I personally didn’t have to use this feature, it could be great for those whose voice may not carry as well as others. A Micro pop filter is also found, just to help with prevent any breath noises and other irritable noises whilst playing.

As a reasonably priced headset, The Logitech G533 is definitely one to consider for your gaming needs. With our boys here at Vexed, donning them in Copenhagen recently securing a 2nd place standing overall in the B tour, narrowly losing to Rogue Gaming 1-2 it certainly has our Vexed Seal of Approval.

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