Match Report: Vexed vs Team Digntas at IEM Katowice

Posted by Admin March 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

After travelling to Katowice, Poland for Intel Extreme Masters, Female Intel Challenge the brackets were released and we would find that we would face Team Dignitas in a best of one.
After the veto the map to be played would be overpass players were slashing and stabbed in the knife round and we start on the Counter Terrorist side. The game starts with a rapid B split rush with glocks and armour from Team Dignitas, we respond with a solid retake trading positively, it comes down to a 2v2 after planet in favour of Vexed, Julie finds 2 headshots and the defuse to close the round.

Team Dignitas reply winning their rifle round but we soon shut them down and reply with brute force, the score soon becomes 7-5 in favour to Vexed, Team Dignitas head down to hit the B site once again but Mar1on replies and shuts them down with a 3k, Dignitas decide to attempt a Fake back to a But Zon1q won’t be bluffed and replies with a 2k to close the round, we close out the next round after breaking team Dignitas’ economy and forcing them on an eco.
The score is 9-5 to Vexed Gaming and Ana is on point, she comes at Team Dignitas with an aggressive AWP showing she is not afraid, shutting them down landing a 4k with Zon1q delivering the final blow to close the firs thalf 10-5

The second half starts and we show our aggression Storming the B site to secure the pistol rounds and dominance continues until we reach a bump in the road 14:6 where we saw Team Dignitas make a solid come back to 14:12, we then successfully manage to make it to match point after taking A site to bring us to match point, We then close the game out 16:12.

Highlights from the match can be found below;