Paladins Roster Update 21/11/2018

Posted by Admin November 21, 2018 in Team VexedVexed Paladins

Today we announce huge changes within our Paladins Console division.


After returning from Dreamhack Atlanta and a fantastic performance at HRX to take second place, 0 losses, 6 wins within the European season and not a single LAN final missed all year the team have decided it is time to part ways.

The team have made a decision that they wish to part ways to explore other avenues and play alongside other players and focus on there education. Vexed respect this decision fully and wish them nothing but the best of luck within there future endeavours, thank you for your time here at vexed.

How ever we are excited to announce that we will be continuing to support paladins console and building a new roster along side Liam “LexiXen” Walker-Adair as our new captain.

More Information to follow.

With the old team splitting ways we have a unique opportunity to bring in fresh blood that can not only continue the vexed dynasty in Europe, but with enough hard work could even surpass it. Im looking forward to continue working with Vexed Gaming into 2019 to make it our best year yet.

– Liam ‘LexiXen’ Walker-Adair