Paladins Roster Update 24.06.18

Posted by Admin June 24, 2018 in Vexed Paladins

As announced on the 18th of June we have now qualified to the PCS Summer Split Masters LAN Finals in Atlanta USA, On the 6th we announced our new roster after the departure of TTRANQ Unfortunately due to travel issues Eion “Kingz” Thompson will no longer be able to continue and fulfil his role here within the Vexed Paladins Roster and therefore we are happy to announce our final roster for the upcoming Summer Split finals and onwards.

Please Welcome Slopodopolous and ‘Luke is TooGood’ to the paladins roster. Slopodopolous will take Kingz role within the team with Luke taking the new Coach position.

The Updated Vexed Paladins Roster is as follows;

Nick “Naaaarrrrk” Prosser

Rhys “W3LSHMANIA” Ellesmere
George “WRLDedit” Hardman
Liam “LexiXen” Walker-Adair
Luke is TooGood

Joseph “TTranq” McAuley