Paradox discusses the Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020

Posted by Admin January 28, 2020 in Vexed Hearthstone

After catching up with Paradox to discuss his route to qualification for Hearthstone Masters Tour Arlington we’ve got him back in the Vexed training facility to discuss he route into qualifying for each master tour for 2020.

Throughout the months of December – January this set of qualifiers just past were set for the upcoming Masters Tour event over in Indonesia & after my previous experiences in Korea I was hyped at the potential opportunity to revisit Asia once more.

Coinciding with this was the release of the new Hearthstone set; Descent of Dragons which had increased the power level of the metagame by a considerable margin and as such the lineup I had previously used to qualify for Arlington was no longer viable so it was back to the drawing board.

As I had mentioned in my previous post surrounding my performance in the qualifiers for Masters Tour Arlington it is important to build a lineup for the cups that has the capacity to win the whole event rather than individual matches; this as such demands that the decks you use in the qualifiers have a more consistent gameplan than some you may see in ranked play.

For the opening month in December I felt my progress in doing well in the qualifiers be slowed due to the way the metagame was shaping up at the time. As a player I personally tend to perform much better when the metagame is already solved and I have the knowledge to know what is worth countering when creating my lineup for tournaments so in the early days of a new set I tend to perform less optimally than I would like.

Compounding this, the design team over the christmas break had instituted multiple balance patches aimed at lowering the power level of most of the classes that use the new Galakrond archetypes and the mechanics therein. By the time the holiday season had come to a conclusion the meta was slowly starting to solidify and I could begin theorising the optimal lineup to win a qualifier and book my spot in Asia.

The centerpiece of the meta was now revolved around Rogue. While the balance patches did nerf one of the important cards for the class it didn’t change much of what made the class incredibly strong, and so it began to dominate the ranked ladder and the qualifier metagame. In most open cups it wouldn’t be surprising to see all eight of the Top 8 places be filled with at least one Rogue deck in their respective lineups.

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