Phaze back from injury claims top 8

Posted by Admin September 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Our own Quake Champion Phaze had a showing at the Quake Champions PRO Duel Tournament Series #44 over the weekend (Saturday). This was Phaze’s first tournament back after enduring an injury (metacarpal fracture) earlier on the year and boy did he come back swinging.

Phaze ended his tournament run coming in at 7th, whilst facing some of Europe’s best along the way. He first ran into Myztro Gaming’s Raisy, who recently came in 2nd at this years Quake World Championship. Raisy managed to best Phaze, sending him to the lower bracket.

Phaze then went on an impressive lower bracket run besting the likes of “PepCo”, “bukster” and “base” before ultimately getting knocked out by “SPART1E”.

“Not only have I just started playing again after suffering with a hand injury, I have beaten notable names, including Base, who is Quake’s Pro League Top 7 player in the world and having two extremely close games with another player from the league, Spart1e. Something I have not mentioned publicly before, I am working extremely hard on being able to control my emotions during the games. That is the one thing that separates challengers from the Pro League players and I believe that in this tournament, I had a breakthrough.” – Phaze

After some time away from the game and an injury hindering practice, after this weekend we are even more excited to see what the future holds for Phaze as he sets his sights on qualifying for Quake Pro League.

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