Player Investigation ECO

Posted by Admin December 18, 2020 in Uncategorized

Here at Vexed Gaming we take cheating very seriously and are determined to fight for a clean esport scene. We are aware of the current situation with our Rainbow 6 Siege player ‘ECO’ and an ongoing internal investigation is currently taking place. We are also working alongside the Ubisoft team to ensure that a fair and just outcome is made and will respect their decision in regards to the outcome. In the mean time we feel it is only fair while the investigation is ongoing that we move ‘ECO’ to our inactive roster until the investigation is complete. This is not only for the integrity of the sport, but also to protect a young individual who will be under immense stress and pressure while this is occurring.

“There are no room for cheaters here at Vexed Gaming, but we will not throw players to the wilderness and will continue to support ECO in any way we can through this investigative period and beyond if necessary, Player welfare is of extreme importance to us here at Vexed Gaming, but dont get me wrong, all actions have consequences and the situation will be delt with accordingly.” – Mark Weller, Chief Gaming Officer.

We will be bringing in Marco ‘Mxkx’ Varas to replace ‘ECO’ on our active roster and continue our UKIN R6S season. We are excited to see them develop and continue our strong run this season as we campaign to reclaim our Division One slot.

There will be no further comment from Vexed Gaming at this time.

Update: 18/12/2020.

After the conclusion of both Ubisoft’s investigation and our Internal Investigation. We can confirm that our Rainbow 6 player Eco will receive a 1-year competitive ban which will run up until the 22nd November 2021 due to the use of cheats within matchmaking queues. UBISOFT Esports league admins have analyzed the official match games and supplied game files, fortunatly no offending files were found present during UKIN matches.

Evidence shows he did not cheat during any official UKIN matches. We would like to reiterate our stance on cheating within esports. At no point do Vexed Gaming justify cheating within gaming for any reason, be that competitive or casual. However, we believe after speaking to Eco he has shown clear signs of remorse and we see this as an opportunity to use the remaining contracted period to educate and show him the seriousness of his actions aswell as supporting him through this stressful period.

‘We understand that by continuing to contract and support Eco we will receive backlash and be deemed hypocrites. However, we believe it is our responsibility as an organisation to look after the careers of young professional gamers and as such is our duty to rehabilitate and assist, rather than throwing a young player by the wayside’ – Mark Weller, Vexed Gaming Chief Gaming Officer.

We look forward to competing within the 2021 UKIN Premier Division with the following Roster;