Rainbow 6 Overhaul

Posted by Admin April 27, 2019 in Team VexedVexed Rainbow Six

Vexed gaming today announces that, by mutual consent, it will not renew the contract with its current Rainbow 6 team.

“We’ve managed an impactful and engaging Rainbow 6 team to date, however, a number of our players have made it know to us that they wish to retire from competitive play,” commented Mark Weller, COO Vexed Gaming.

“This, combined with the news that some of the remaining players now feel they have the skills and experience to move to pro-league means we have taken the mutual decision with the team not to renew the contract, I would like to personally thank Ferral, Zak, Dearly, Yantzu, pie and dumping for being nothing but professional during their time with vexed”

Commitment to the Rainbow 6 community remains a key component of Vexed and they organization is in preliminary discussions with a number of potential candidates to replace the current team,

“I am thrilled to have been able to lead a team that has taken players to the cusp of professional tournament opportunities alongside developing their skills as players and professionals, and I am now excited at the opportunity of building the next wave of Rainbow 6 players,” continued Mark. “Although we are in discussions with some candidates, we welcome the opportunity for any players with skills and potential to put themselves forward to join our roster.”

Individual or teams wanting to be considered for the next Vexed Rainbow 6 roster should put themselves forward at vexed.gg/contact