Rainbow 6 Siege ESL UK Premiership Response

Posted by Admin March 2, 2018 in NewsTeam Vexed

In response to the disqualification from this years Rainbow 6 Siege ESL UK Premiership, we would like to go on record and state our full backing for ESL in this decision.

We at Vexed strive to maintain our professionalism and adhere to competition rules at all time.

We have been working closely with ESL UK to get to the bottom of this situation and have tried to gain evidence to prove the player is of age, however on this matter and with the evidence that has been given, it would appear this player is not who he says he is and therefore we support ESL’s decision.

We would like to take this opportunity to state the team have been released with immediate effect.
We do not condone this type of behaviour here at Vexed Gaming and we will be continuing our own internal investigations.

We would however like to thank Proxeh, XKSS and the rest of the team for their hard work for this season and our regret that one person’s actions have resulted in this situation.

No further comments will be made at this time.