Rainbow Six Siege Division 2 Roster

Posted by Admin November 5, 2020 in Team VexedVexed R6S

Yesterday along side UBISOFT we announced the 2020/2021 Rainbow Six Siege roster for UKIN division 2.

After a difficult and unfortunate season in division one, in the first R6S UKIN season earlier this year , We we fell into relegation and we’re unable to secure our slot within the first division. November 10th, we’re back into the action as we look to make our way through division two, to reclaim our position in Division one and beyond.

“It is a massive opportunity for us to join Vexed Gaming for the UKIN 2nd Division season. Representing such an influential UK organisation is something we are all very proud of and are eager to show our worth. Our main goal for this season is to qualify for the UKIN 1st Division and then to push further for the Challenger League and above. Over EpicLan we gained our first match experience as a team, and after going through the group stage and reaching the upper grand finals without losing a single map we knew that we had a good chance of winning the tournament. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the fundamentals together on our final game day and came 3rd in the tournament. I know we are capable of achieving much more and have been practising daily to improve on our gameplay and are ready for the UKIN 2 season. Access (Team Captain).

The Vexed 2020 R6S UKIN DIV 2 roster can be found below;