The Seagate Firecuda.. A gamers dream drive

Posted by Admin August 10, 2017 in Reviews

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, SSHD Technology has been giving users an alternative and a cheaper solution to SSD’s.

The Seagate FIrecuda comes it at a much cheaper price point than a modern solid state hard drive and runs just as quick. Over the years SSHD have become a lot better in managing what you use most, which means for gamers boot times are faster than your regular mechanical hard drive.

The Firecuda promises faster load times and faster re-write speeds compared to any other regular hard drive. I’ve had this hard drive for a couple of weeks now, and whilst slowly moving my gaming collection to it, I can tell you honestly everyone needs to get a SSHD in their Rig.

When I take a closer look at my speeds, I can clearly see that my regular drive speed is pretty “meh”, although it does have pretty average read and write speeds for a mechanical hard drive.

Now with the Seagate Firecuda however, We see a dramatic increase in both performance and read/write – With nearly double the performance of the SSHD. One thing I had favored with the Firecuda was the benefits of the SSHD cache within the drive. I noticed the more I played CS:GO, it slowly merged my files into the built in cache which would provide a noticeable speed increase for my CS:GO boot times.

The Seagate Firecude comes in 2 sizes a 2.5 inch drive which is 7mm in height and a 3.5 inch drive which is 26.11mm in height holding from 500GB too up to 2 Terabytes. The Firecude range is all about performance and speed, whilst providing high capacity storage for a VERY competitive price.

If you have a Laptop or PC and are looking for extra performance for your games or applications, but don’t want to break the bank; Check out Firecuda’s SSHD drives, ranging from as little as £49.16 for 500gb of storage, to £97.50 for 2TB of storage… THINK OF ALL THE GAMES YOU COULD STORE ON THAT BAD BOY!

With the increase in people modifying their consoles as well, I have seen multiple people refer to the Firecude to ‘upgrade their PS4’ with, as it’s a cost effective, perfect drive for the job. Although we like to stick to the master race of course, that’s information I can’t provide.

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