Swindy reviews the G935!

Posted by Admin March 15, 2019 in Reviews

Premium. Leatherette. Wireless. What more can we say? Our resident Paladins pro and stream team member Swindy gets his hands on the newly refreshed G935 7.1 headset by Logitech G.

Having used the G935’s as my daily driver for about a week now, I can already say they’re the best pair of gaming headphones I’ve used. For context, I upgraded from the Logitech G633’s and the G935’s certainly have noticeable improvements over the last generation. The new 50mm Pro-G drivers allow me to pinpoint enemy gunfire and footsteps more easily, even to the point where I was able to accurately track invisible enemies just by the sound of their footsteps.

The leatherette covering on the ear cups and on the headband make these a joy to wear, and combined with the wireless functionality, I often forget that I’m wearing them as I walk around. The new and improved boom microphone has clear improvements in sound quality over the last generation, making this headset an incredibly well-rounded device.

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