Top 5 Vexed Moments in 2018

Posted by Admin December 28, 2018 in News

Top 5 in Game Moments

With 2018 coming to a close, we thought we would take a look back at this year here at Vexed Gaming and pick out our top 5 moments in competition! Now, it certainly wasn’t easy as we have had an incredible year bringing back 27 top 3 placements and countless exciting moments.

Fortnite – Winter Royale

Days after announcing our entry into the popular battle royale phenomenon – Fortnite – we stepped foot into one of the biggest events of the year, The Fortnite Winter Royale, a $1,000,000 tournament with the best in the world battling it out.

Doki’s 4k 1v5 vs Team Secret at ESL UK Premiership Rainbow six

Now this one certainly got the crowd going at the ESL UK studios, facing the formidable Pro League team, Team Secret, Vexed Doki pulled out an absolute belter of a performance, showing the crowd what he is capable of, as he almost secures a 1 v 5.

Copenhagen Games B vs Rogue

On the 31st of march we headed to Copenhagen Games where we later met Hiko’s Rogue in the grand finals of the Copenhagen Games B tournament. The first map played was Inferno, where we showed our dominance and came out on top with a 16:9 victory. Map two was Mirage, we knew we had to close the series out here to take the victory as map 3 was a map we didn’t play at the time, and a boy oh boy was it a bloodbath! Unfortunately falling to a 14:16 defeat and later losing map 3 – Train – finishing off our trip with a Second Place 1-2 finish to rogue.

Paladins vs Onslaught Dreamhack Atlanta

After a flawless season in the PCL, and an impressive year, we headed to Dreamhack Atlanta HRX Expo to face off against the very best in the Paladins console league. Our first match up was vs Onslaught, a team we had always struggled vs at LAN events, but this time, everything was different – the stage, the audience… We knew we had something to prove to silence the haters. We came out in full force and turned the Onslaught team inside out with a dominant 3-0 victory, which then progressed us to the grand finals in Atlanta. We finished the season with a second place finish, losing to Elevate.

ESL UK Premiership Champions

Heading into the UK Premiership for the first time ever, Paradox was here to make a statement. Playing through the online season with a fantastic 3-1 record, losing only to BoarControl, we secured our place in the finals at the ESL Arena during the EGX Expo in Birmingham. During the first stage of the grand finals Paradox was matched up against BoarControl once again, but this time to gain a 3-1 victory followed by 2 more perfect victories to secure a place in the Grandfinals vs ToastMonster, where we saw Paradox take the victory and emerge as the 2018 ESL UK Premiership Hearthstone Champion.