The Vexed Varsity Project

Posted by Admin February 7, 2019 in News

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our Varsity Project and our Partnership with the University of Manchester’s esports Society.

With our partnership, we plan to help bridge the gap between education and esports, offering placement opportunities and access to our training facilities. We will allow the societies teams to prepare for events such as King of The North, Nuel and NSE. We will also collaborate with students at the University of Manchester through dissertation and research projects relating to esports.

Mark Weller, Vexed COO, had this to say:

There are many job opportunities available beyond strictly becoming a professional player within the esports industry, from marketing to production and graphic design all the way to psychology.

There are many avenues people can take and we’re excited to join forces with the University of Manchester’s Esports Society by providing our support, expertise and experience to allow them to gain necessary exposure and transferable skills in an emerging industry, while giving us access, on an org-level, to work with up-and-coming talents across the esports ecosystem.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Vexed, I’m always look for more ways to engage within the professional esports scene to offer avenues into careers for our members and this partnership is a huge step that direction” — Felix Dayan, President of the University of Manchester esports society.

To celebrate our partnership we’ve put together a giveaway full of goodies, not only for gaming, but for your time studying. Thanks to our friends and Sponsors at Logitech, Adata,