Vexed Acquire Female Team for Intel Extreme Masters : Katowice

Posted by Admin February 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today we would like to announce the Acquisition of ex-Team Property Female CSGO team.

Vexed have always looked for ways to nurture talent within the CSGO scene and are excited to say we are now in a period of growth thanks to the support of our main Sponsors at We Got Game.

Ex-Team property have shown great results in the past and have recently qualified for Intel Extreme Masters and we are absolutely delighted that the team would like to represent vexed in the ESL Intel Extreme Masters, Female Intel Challenge.

The Vexed Female team will travel to Katowice tomorrow with Coach and Vexed Player Léonard “SmyLi” Michelino.

The Vexed Female roster is as follows:

Julie “Monkey D. Julie” Ricou
Kristina “zon1Q” Stevanović
Marion “MAR1ON” Lopez
Terri “KiTTy-KaT” Mulvey
Ana “ANa” Dumbravă

Léonard “SmyLi” Michelino (Coach)

* The Team will play under vexed for this one event and then will head into discussion to discuss continuation.