Vexed Announce Sponsorship with We Got Game.

Posted by Admin December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

We are excited to announce our New partnership with We Got Game, of without whom our Recent Signing of the French Ex-Platinum CSGO team would not be possible, WGG will now become the Main Sponsor of Vexed’s CSGO division.

Guillaume ‘BigGy’ Nungesser from We Got Game had this to say;

”We are thrilled to announce the conclusion of our partnership with Vexed Gaming.
Vexed Gaming first contacted us when we were trying to qualify for ESWC in October, right when we reached an agreement with Platinum for that event and we could not proceed to further talks with them at that time. However, things were crystal clear during our first exchanges. Their international reputation and their past results with CSGO team qualified to Majors, would grant access to international tournaments but could not offer remuneration to players on short term.
Given the potential of the team with their result at ESWC, the question of remuneration was a crucial point in order to stabilize the roster and to give players professional status. We had proof of that when three of them received an offer from Millenium and we had to react fast in order not to lose them.
Also, on the basis of private funding from We Got Game, it has been made possible to reconsider Vexed’s first offer and to propose a partnership with We Got Game, where We Got Game is bringing six months of financial support to the whole team added to Vexed’s professional management experience to players.
The strong, clear and easy exchanges with all Vexed’s staff, and the potential they bring to the team, allowed us to come to an agreement very fast and also to play the upcoming offline finals of the ESL French Championship with their jerseys.
A huge thanks to Vexed and their staff from the whole team,
See you soon for exciting esports moments to come.”