Vexed Attend Dreamhack Summer Hearthstone Grand Prix

Posted by Admin June 8, 2017 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

It’s only one and a half week left until Dreamhack starts and we are feeling the hype!
You can be sure to find Vexed there, Vexed will be represented by our Hearthstone players ‘RDee’ and ‘s1N’, you and find them at the HS tournament event for any HS related tips and tricks!


“Hi! Dreamhack has always been the place for competition since I was a kid, being able to go there and represent a well known team as Vexed is the Dream! HS is often looked down upon as it has RNG elements, but I just want to say that the guys that put in the hours are consistent! My goal for DH will be as every tournament, winning it all but a top 16 finish is something to be proud of. Ever since I joined Vexed I’ve qualified for Medion cup, won ESGA and kept placing high at offline LAN’s as Birdie and local fireside gatherings. I believe in HS as an Esports and know that I can bring in good results as a competitive player. As always on Dreamhack you will find the best in the world, so let’s beat all the others and show that hard work and passion pays off!”


“I am super excited for dreamhack summer, since its the biggest competition for me. Especially after performing well during the first two of my “major” tourneys this year, i feel motivated to keep on showing results at DH. This Dreamhack feels like this could really be mine to take and i’ll give it my all after i graduate to become a full time player! I am also Extreamly excited to represent an organisation such as Vexed at a big event like this. Hopefully we will bring another prize home to Vexed.”

Dreamhack being the world’s biggest LAN with people flying all over the world to get there we will see some great competition! Believe in the Vexed squad to bring in results and beat the best out there!