Vexed.AT Attend Legend Series

Posted by Admin August 11, 2017 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Vexed Return to the CSGO Legends Series this time looking to secure a position in the offline finals which will be held on big betty in an undisclosed location, with 16 teams in attendance, the Academy is excited to compete in this amazing series and hope to take the win home.

The series starts on the August 3rd with Group A Stage matches then ending with Group D stage matches in which our Academy resides. Once the Group Stages come to an end, all first placed teams within each Group will proceed to the Online Finals on August 16 and the two last standing teams from the Online Finals will be invited to the LAN Final with the location still a mystery, we are excited for all fans who attend the event – if you are able to make it to the LAN Final we will give you a show that you will not forget.

One of our players from the Academy, Tim ‘Define’ Möller shares some of his thoughts on the Legend Series and what the team hopes to achieve in this tournament

“The Legend Series has great admins, they take care of the players if they have any problems, they are also very friendly and have a lot of knowledge about the scene. The ELC Legend Series also provides a chance for up and coming teams to show themselves to a bigger crowd and get their names out there. Our main goal for the Legend Series is to reach the LAN finals”. Define also told us how the team has been preparing

“We prepare individually playing as much as possible and the team wants play as best as we can, to show everyone how good we are and just how much we want to improve, no other spot than the LAN Finals will be satisfying for us”.

Vexed Academy are getting ready for the upcoming matches, with our first day of battle on August 11th, the team is practising and grinding and on the 11th we will see their work pay off, hopefully seeing them proceed to the next stage being the Online Finals. With some very talented teams being part of the Legend Series roster, we know that this will not be an easy fight but we will persevere and we would like to say good luck to every team taking part in the Legend Series. Also thank you to all of our sponsors part of the Vexed roster who keep the Vexed teams powered with all their amazing gear so do not forget to check them out!