Vexed CSGO Roster Update 2019

Posted by Admin January 28, 2019 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Late 2018, Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Scott had approached Vexed Gaming management to voice he no longer wished to continue within Vexed.CSGO due to personal reasons, although we were upset to hear this we understood his reasoning and today we announce the official departure of Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Scott from the Vexed Gaming CSGO Division, We would like to thank Ozzy for his time here at vexed and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

We are happy to announce and welcome ex Euronics player, Ádám ‘Kolor’ Domoszlay to the Vexed Gaming CSGO roster after a successful trial period.

Mark Weller, Vexed Gaming COO; had this to say:

We are extremely happy to have Ádám ‘Kolor’ Domoszlay officially on board within the Vexed Gaming roster, he is a talent that we have had our eye on for sometime now and are glad to have come to an agreement, not only does he have fantastic raw talent for the game but his attitude and mindset is absolutely fantastic and cannot wait to see how the season progresses.

With the departure of Ozzy and the signing of Ádám ‘Kolor’ Domoszlay we have also decided to forfeit our spot within the ESL UK Premiership as we do not feel comfortable holding onto a spot within the league to effectively play a mix and would much rather up coming talent use this opportunity to showcase themselves and develop.

The Vexed.Ebuyer CSGO roster is as follows:

Kyle ‘ Vanity ’ Garthwaite
Ádám ‘ Kolor ’ Domoszlay
Max ‘ Quix ’ Lindqvist
Jacob ‘ Pyth ’ Mourujärvi
Hannes ‘ HNS ’ Johansson