Vexed CSGO UK Welcome Quix – ESEA S26 begins

Posted by Admin September 27, 2017 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Our Vexed Gaming – Ebuyer CSGO team are ready to get back into the action with the start of the ESEA UK Open. Our current lineup consists of the following players:

  • James ‘Lumji’ Webb
  • Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Scott
  • Kyle ‘Vanity’ Garthwaite
  • Max ‘Quix’ Lindkvist
  • Vladyslav ‘Arch’ Svistov (Substitute)

Quix, has previously played for Prophecy and performed very well in the last season of the Gfinity elite series and is excited to start his journey with Vexed to hopefully gain victory in many tournaments to come.

We have chosen Arch as our substitute due to his amazing history and talent, he will be playing in the Ukrainian national CSGO team for the WESG tournament alongside Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and Hellraisers players, which we wish the best of luck to.

The players are excited to get into the action, with our previous win at the Insomnia ’61 CSGO LAN tournament, we hope to carry on gaining victories within the league and ultimately win the league as a whole. Today will be the first two matches of the league for us, we will be playing against Elite Crew and CinS V2 on the map of Cobblestone, we hope to take the victory for both matches and work our way to the top of the ladder.

If you would like to watch these matches live and support the Vexed.Ebuyer team feel free to tune into our main Twitch channel and tweet using the #FeelingVexed hashtag to show us your support!. We would also like to thank all of our dedicated fans who show us endless support, we always appreciate your dedication to us.

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