Vexed DokiSan On-lone

Posted by Admin November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

We have recently come to an agreement with fellow UK Organisation, MnM Gaming for the Loan of Vexed Rainbow 6 member, Jack ‘DokiSan’ Robertson.

DokiSan will be on loan for two events only to aid MnM in their efforts, These events are; Dreamhack Winter and the up coming Rainbow Six Challenger League Qualifiers, DokiSan will still be competing with Vexed Gaming within the ESL UK Premiership league and will return to the Vexed Gaming full time in 2019.

Mark Weller, Vexed Gaming COO had this to say;

‘I am very happy to have come to an agreement with MnM Gaming to allow Jack (DokiSan) the opportunity to gain some international lan experience, We feel this will benefit his personal development as a player and look forward to his full time return to Vexed early next year’.