Vexed Enter Hearthstone

Posted by Admin July 5, 2018 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

As you may have seen us teasing on our twitter pages, Today we are excited announce our (re)entry into the well known digital tgc game, Hearthstone.

With our dedication to the UK Esports Scene we have been on the search for players with potential to break out into the international scene with the right help from ourselves. Today we welcome Oliver ‘Paradox’ Barnett to Vexed Gaming.

Paradox had this to say;

” I am thrilled to be playing for such a well established organisation, I believe Vexed Gaming can provide everything I need to grow as a professional player to allow me to play at the highest level of play, I look forward to showing my skills In Italy and the ESL UK Premiership this week “