Vexed Gaming at Gigacon17

Posted by Admin October 2, 2017 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

Last weekend, Vexed Gaming attended Norway’s biggest LAN Gigacon. We were here to play in the HS Prime Tournament with a prize pool of 60.000 NOK. The tournament featured the biggest names in Scandinavia.

The tournament is played in Swiss LHS mode of 8 rounds where the top 8 continues to the next day to be streamed on the front page of Twitch.

Our Hearthstone player Vexed RDee was there to participate and managed to put up good fight but sadly didn’t reach the top 8.

He decided to bring a unique lineup to counter the standard tournament meta, while working out in practice it didn’t perform well enough in the LAN environment.

Here’s a few words from the player himself:

“Being able to attend Gigacon with the support of Vexed has been great. Tho I am very disappointed to not hit top 8 but I am very happy I could bring something new and unique to the table. I created a lineup of Control-Paladin, Quest-Warrior, Hybrid Burn-Freeze-Mage and Highlander-Priest. This is something no other Pro player brought as the meta is defined by a lineup of Aggro-Rogue, Jade-Druid, Midrange-Shaman and Highlander-Priest.

My lineup was a counter to what is defined as standard as most % of players will bring the standard meta I want to be favoured vs them. Specially as we are playing 8 rounds of Swiss, getting the slightest of advantage will be huge in the long run.

Sadly it did not work out this time, but as I said I am still happy with my lineup even tho it underperformed. In practice games before Gigacon I had a great win ratio, but somehow I managed to lose at the LAN. I will come back stronger for Dreamhack Winter and show results, I know I can break the meta and go to the top!.”

At Vexed we are happy to have our players attend Norway’s largest LAN in preperation for our next stop, Dreamhack Winter!

Don’t forget to hit us up and say Hi if you too are going to DH Winter, you can find our Hearthstone player Vexed RDee in the HS Grand Prix!

As per usual we would like to thank our sponsors at, Seagate, HyperX and Ballistix – without them, none of this would be possible.

From us at Vexed to you, Good luck Have fun out there!