Vexed Hearthstone Attend Birdie 27 – Uppsala!

Posted by Admin May 19, 2017 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

Our players RDee and s1N are going to Birdie 27 in Sweden Uppsala!

The tournament will start 25 of May and end at the 27, these are their expectations and own words about Birdie!


“I am super excited to finally attend a Birdie LAN, birdie is one of our bigger LANs in Sweden and it’s a great opportunity to make the Vexed name even bigger in the Swedish scene! I expect both me and s1N to do well as our recent results talk about consistency and we do take practice very seriously. As always you can expect me to bring some hidden anti-meta tech to try and get the upperhand, I will keep analysing the meta everyday until Birdie starts. I hope to face “ThatGuy” during the tournament as he is the Birdie Champion and the guy to beat, let’s take that title home to Vexed!”


“This will be my second year attending Birdie LAN, last year was a real disappointment for myself since i lost to one of my best friends and previous teammate Technogoose in the first round. Altough seeing both Technogoose and Thatguy who also was a teammate of mine at the time being taking 1st and 2nd place was great. This year im back and im not gonna fall that easily and i will do my best to bring the King of Nordic title to Vexed togheter with Rdee. I think that we will have a pretty strong field of players, with ThatGuy and Technogoose being mine and Rdees top contenders for the 1st place prize of 8000 SEK.”

Vexed is proud to have both s1N and RDee to represent us during Birdie, soon they will also attend Dreamhack Summer. More to come about Dreamhack soon, so don’t forget to check in from time to time so you don’t miss our next Hearthstone article about Dreamhack!

Get to know RDee better: – We try to play everyday and have an educational stream for everyone. – Get daily updates on decks and when I am live.

Get to know s1N better: – Will start streaming on schedule starting from June. – Follow for daily updates.