Vexed Makes Grand Finals at ‘Gwent Beta Brawl’

Posted by Admin November 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Xype Makes Grand Finals at the Gwent Beta Brawl.

Our newest addition, Xype battled it out on November 5th Defeating His foes quite Convincingly within the group stages and then performing a god like Clutch to secure himself in the Quarter Finals.

Xype then went to face  in the Semi- Finals, after an unfortunate draw on the first round, Xype went to lose the round by only one point after a valiant effort. The second round started with a much easier draw, playing into the hands of Xype’s tactics and defeats Devizz in a clean sweep, the final game then goes to xype after a great first hand.

At the Grand Final Xype plays vs the well known streamer within the Gwent scene, ‘McBeardCM’ The first match starts, with players trading rounds, after trading a few rounds, Xype takes the lead, 33-17, Mcbeard then takes the lead and wins the first round 39-36. Round two sees xype take control as he see’s his cards come in, the game again is a close battle but xype wins 33-25. The third and final rounds comes in, with mcbeard winning by 10 points, 39-29. The next Game Mcbeard comes in strong and takes down Xype winning the series 2-0. GG WP and we will see you next time!