Vexed Qualify for Medion Hearthstone Cup

Posted by Admin April 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Vexed RDee qualified today to MEDION HS Cup in their forth qualifier. We got in contact with RDee to ask about the path to qualifying.


Hi!  Can you talk to us about what your tactics was going into this qualifier?

Hello! Well to start with this last qualifier was different from all the others as the new expansion just hit and old cards rotated out. Luckily for me I love a new and fresh Meta, so I had this tactic of hard countering a specific deck. This only works if you play in a conquest mode where you have to win once with every class you bring. So Pirate warrior is the bane of HS, the deck everyone hates, so you can expect everyone to bring it as it is so strong. This qualifier had no bans, so we just had to tech hard to always try and win over the “best” deck.


I see, so can we see the lineup you used to qualify and can you talk about the specific tech you used?

Off course! This is the fun part of playing HS in a tournament meta, you can use extreme tech and target decks, so try to analyze the highest % of decks players will bring.

Today we targeted Pirate warrior, so we brought two decks with the new card Golakka crawler and a mage focusing on Mirror images and Water elementals to take board control vs weapon classes while slowly killing them.
The important part to note here is that in conquest we need to win with every hero, so we try to deny one of his heroes to win over anyone of ours. As long as this one hero can’t beat us, it doesn’t matter if his other two does!


Alright, congratulations again for qualifying! Do you have any last things to add before showing us the decklists?

Yes, this Tournament will be played on Saturday 4/15, I hope my games will be streamed and that you guys turn in to cheer for me! I will do my best to bring a good lineup with some anti meta-tech and make Vexed proud. Shoutouts to my GF Lights and practice partners Vexeds1N, Zorkthar, Norage and FreddyB for always helping out!
I hope my lineup can prove useful for other people trying to figure out the meta!
Here it is in order:
Midrange Hunter – Anti Pirate+Taunt warrior.
Aggro warrior – Targeting other Aggro Warriors/Rogues
Tempo Mage targeting Warriors/Rogues/Weapon classes!


Rdee decklist hearthstone