Vexed Return to Hearthstone.

Posted by Admin April 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today We are happy to be returning the Hearthstone division within Vexed Gaming with the announcement of our new Hearthstone team.

Hailing from Sweden: Robin ”RDee” Danielsson and William ”s1N” Wessman. These two Swedes are both well known names within the Hearthstone Community. They have played the game and made a name for themselves since release, participating in every tournament they could find. You will find them in everything from the monthly open cups, qualifiers, to majors as Dreamhack, these boys are here to stay!

William ”s1N” Wessman previously known under the nickname of ”sAywe”, has been ranked top 300 in Europe during 2016. s1N has been traveling all around Europe competing in tournaments such as Copenhagen Games and i58 LAN where he managed a top 8 placement in the Truesilver Champion Redemption cup. He secured a 5-1 in the Swiss and defeated names like AKAWonder and the previous truesilver champion Boarcontrol.

William ”s1N” Wessman : ” I am looking forward to getting back into a team together with a close friend of mine, which I got to know through the game. Apart from my weekend job as a DJ, I study my last year now and with just a few months until graduation I look forward to being able to play the game full time. I will keep improving with Vexed Gaming and show
good results !”.

Robin ”RDee” Danielsson started out as what is referred to as a grinder, he puts endless hours into ladder and every online tournament he finds. RDee is known for his deck building skills and anti meta tech, this makes him a dangerous tournament opponent as players will be caught off guard. To name a few tournaments: Good results at his first major, Dreamhack winter 2016. Qualified and played in Dr.Pepper All stars tournament. Played in the Swedish Tavern hero losing the finals 2-3 vs the former world champion, Ostkaka.

Robin ”RDee” Danielsson: ” I am very excited to represent a well known team as Vexed Gaming and specially with my close friend William. I am fully dedicated to playing Hearthstone, when I’m not grinding ladder and open cups I analyze the meta looking for new tech to break it. My biggest passion in HS is deck building, so in my Twitter you will find a lot of new builds all the time. I’ve always had a motto of ”Learn from your mistakes, then win.” I want to become the best, but you can’t start out as the best, so with a positive mindset to learn from your losses you will one day reach the top .” We look forward to seeing both William and Robin competing under the Vexed Gaming flag and making Vexed one of the top hearthstone teams in Europe.

You can find their social media down below