Vexed Return to Rainbow 6 Siege

Posted by Admin May 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

After some time away from rainbow six siege today we announce our return.

We’ve fielded some great rosters over the years in rainbow six siege, in 2018 we took the decision to take a step back as Doki went onto play for MnM and then NA’VI and Ferral continued his journey when joining team secret. As we stated, Commitment to rainbow six remains a key component to Vexed Gaming, we took some time away to re-evaluate the scene and today, we’re ready to make our return.

‘With the Announcement of changes to the National Structure for Rainbow Six Siege we knew this was the perfect time for us to re-enter the R6S title, After looking through a number of roster’s there was only one which really stood out too us and this was the ex-demise roster, The roster shows some great individual talent however I feel it needs real organizational support to truley achieve what it is capable of and I’m excited to be able to offer that here at Vexed Gaming’ – Mark Weller, CGO, Vexed Gaming.

Please Welcome the Vexed Gaming Rainbow Six roster for 2020;

ProphetKing (Coach)

You can catch the roster live in some pre-season action NOW in the ACS Rainbow Six League.