Vexed Return to Rainbow Six Siege

Posted by Admin September 30, 2018 in Vexed R6S

Please join us in welcoming our brand new Rainbow Six Siege Roster to Vexed Gaming. We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of ‘DaVe Esports’ for the upcoming ESL UK Premiership season. Over the past two weeks Vexed management have been in discussion with G2 Esports regarding player loans to ensure the roster is not disturbed during the acquisition. We would like to also thank the G2 Esports management for their co-operation during discussions, and a big thank you to G2.SHAS and G2.FERRAL for their support during these discussions.

Mark Weller, Vexed Gaming COO had this to say:

“I am extremely excited to welcome our new roster, and to be re-entering Rainbow Six, after a rollercoaster of a season during season one of the ESL UK Premiership. We are glad to have managed to secure arguably one of the strongest rosters within the premiership and look forward to the season beginning. I would also like to give a personal thank you to G2 Esports for a smooth and simple process during our loan discussions, and a thank you to G2.SHAS and G2.FERRAL for their professional approach, they are a fantastic asset to not only G2 Esports, but the esports scene as a whole, – true professionals”.

Ali Reza ‘DearlyDie‘ Qayoumi, Vexed Gaming Captain for R6S had this to say:

“DavE Esports began as a meme between friends, a team that embodied the humour of the Siege scene with the force to remain a competitor in the community. This is proven again today where we can announce with great eagerness our new home – Vexed Gaming. From DavE Esports to Vexed Gaming, we embrace our roots as a meme, and move on to spread the word of DavE to new heights”.

Vexed Gaming Rainbow Six Siege are:

Ali Reza ‘DearlyDie‘ Qayoumi (Captain)
Adam ‘Yantzu‘ Young
Shawn ‘Jesus‘ Ketabchi
Zakaria ‘Zak‘ Ahmed
Jack ‘DOKISan‘ Robertson

Niclas ‘G2.Pengu‘ Mouritzen (Stand in)
Daniel ‘G2.Ferral‘ Rotheram (Stand in)

Catch the Action!
The ESL UK Premiership kicks off next week, tune in on Wednesday the 3rd of October on twitch and be sure to follow Vexed Gaming on Twitter to keep up to date with the teams scores, original content and everything Vexed! #FeelingVexed