Vexed.s1N qualifies for Lajkat Hearthstone GP Finals!

Posted by Admin June 29, 2017 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

Earlier this week, the last LAJKAT Qualifier took place and both of our Hearthstone Players fought for a spot in the finals.

Sadly, both fell in the semi finals and the chances of qualyfying for swedens biggest tournament up to date looked to be gone.

But all hope was not lost! after Alliance Powder defeated s1n he dropped his final spot so there was a spot open to fight for, s1N was then invited into a BO5 vs DJHelium which saw s1N come out on top defeating him 3-1 which gaurentees us a spot in the LAN Finals this Saturday.

”DJHelium is a good friend of mine and has been for the time i’ve been playing hearthstone, and now we faced finally. I was pretty secure with the lineup i played and i managed to come out on top. Qualifying for the finals is supernice for me as a player and i hope to bring it home to Vexed!”

– William ”s1N” Wessman

If you’re in stockholm doing the weekend, make sure to stop by Inferno Online this Saturday to catch Vexed.s1N fighting for the 1st Place.

Otherwise make sure to catch the action on either Facebook or Twitch at