Vexed sign Zula team

Posted by Admin March 27, 2018 in Team VexedVexed Zula

Today we are proud to announce the entry into our first Free-To-Play title, with signing the players of team KLYV.

We are very excited to be a part of this growing game title and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship together.

After an impressive second-place finish in the Zula Europe ProLeague and later on qualifying for the World Cup, the team has showed potential to compete at the very top. The players, already being highly involved in the European Zula community and also sharing the positive values of Vexed, made the decision to choose KLYV easy.

Our Zula team can be seen competing in the Zula World Cup 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey in early April.

Zula is a fast paced free-to-play first-person shooter developed in Turkey by MadByte Games. The game saw it’s first release in 2016 as the first ever MMOFPS game developed in Turkey. It’s been reported to have reached over 10 million users February this year. Released a year later in Europe on IDC/Games and Steam, the game now grows rapidly in both Europe and South America. The competitive game mode is called Sabotage and is a classic Search and Destroy game mode which is is familiar to most.

Our current Zula lineup consists of the following players:

  • Tor-Vegard “torriZ” Roland (NO)
  • Charlie “brshn” Svanberg (SE)
  • Richard “efg” Åkerblom (SE)
  • Giuseppe “SYZER” Mormile (IT)
  • Pietro “Noway” Bracciorosso (IT)

Here’s what the team have to say:

“Today, I’m glad to be a part of a respected organisation like Vexed Gaming and represent Vexed in my first international LAN event in Zula, which will be held on 7-8th April in Istanbul with a grand prize of $100,000. I hope we can continue to support each other and obtain good results together.”

– Giuseppe “SYZER” Mormile

“I’m really looking forward to working with Vexed Gaming and I believe we can establish a good long-term relationship as we share a lot of the same values.

Richard (efg) and me know each other from games like Shootmania and we both have a background in FPS games.

When efg contacted me and told me about the announcement of Zula ProLeague and that there was plans for a World Cup; I decided to put in the hours and join the team.

Our current lineup looks strong and I hope signing with Vexed will bring even more motivation to help the team push harder towards our goals.”

– Tor-Vegard “torriZ” Roland

“I am very excited to play under the Vexed Gaming banner and I hope me and my team will lead Vexed Gaming to victory in the upcoming Zula World Cup.”

– Charlie “brshn” Svanberg