Vexed Vanity to play at ECS Showmatch

Posted by Admin June 23, 2017 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Vexed Gaming is excited announce that our newest CS:GO talent Kyle “Vanity” Garthwaite has been invited to play at the ECS Pros vs. FPL Rookies Showmatch during the ECS Finals this weekend. In this showmatch there will be two teams: one known as the “FPL Rookies” consisting of a mix of talented FPL players who are lesser known in the scene and the other team, known as the “ECS Pros” which consists of a mix of already well established professional players from the different teams attending the ECS Season 3 Finals such as Fnatic, Faze and Cloud9 to name a few. With most of the players unannounced for the Showmatch we hope to see a great line up on both sides.

Vanity will be playing on the “FPL Rookies” team with 4 other talented players, and this will provide these players with a chance to show to the wider scene and world that they have what it takes to become the next big thing. With Vanity’s raw talent and skill, there is no doubt that we will see quality Counter Strike played at the showmatch.

Being chosen to take part in this event shows just how much of an reputation Vanity has been able to build online and in-game as he has been picked out of the many other FPL players. Vanity has been praised countless times by professional players such as Karrigan of Astralis for his amazing performance during FPL matches and his great ability to communicate in-game.

This will be Vanitys first LAN event, a great oppertunity to welcome him into Vexed Gaming to the UK stages. This will be a opportunity for the fans to experience the skill of these players in a more intimate and exhilarating environment.

The ECS Season 3 Final is well on its way and we are excited to see some amazing Counter Strike this weekend in london with great teams like Fnatic and Astralis attending the event, who will win to become the ECS Season 3 Champions?

The ECS Season 3 Finals, the ECS Pros vs. FPL Rookies Showmatch will take part on the second day of the finals on the 25th of June, so make sure you mark your calendar for some phenomenal Counter Strike this weekend.